Just released Qimo 2.0

Qimo 2.0 DesktopIt has been a little over a year since I put Qimo 1.0 together using little more than a Wiki page and long sessions of trial and error.  I learned a lot during that, including a large amount of what I should have done differently.

Now, using a few more resources and a little better planning, I’ve been able to release version 2.0, which is much improved from a technology perspective.  And while putting it together was a pretty big accomplishment for me, I couldn’t have done it without the efforts of the open source community. I’d like to take a moment to thank those that have made this release possible.

First off, thanks go out to the Ubuntu and Xubuntu developers.  Their efforts provided me a stable, fast and free operating system that I could modify to be exactly what I wanted.  The Xubuntu developers in particular helped me with the Xfce customizations that are necessary for the Qimo desktop.

Next I need to thank the Edubuntu developers, who mentored and encouraged me in creating DEB packages for Qimo, and getting them included into the Ubuntu Universe repository.  I hope that during the Maverick development cycle, I can repay the help they’ve given me by improving Edubuntu in return.  I would also like to thank the Ubuntu MOTUs, who helped me through the process of getting my packages approved and uploaded into the repositories, your patience was greatly appreciated.

Finally, I owe a huge amount of thanks to the various members of the Ubuntu Community and especially those in the Florida LoCo Team, who have always been there to offer encouragement, guidance and assistance in my efforts.  You guys rock!

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  2. Nigel Babu says:

    Great work Mike!

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  6. Sid says:

    Hi Michael

    Any plans of updating Qimo to 3.0? Must say it is the best distro for kids and my 5 year old loves it.


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