Write mashups with Ubuntu LoCo Directory

We just released version 0.2.11 of the Ubuntu LoCo Directory onto http://loco.ubuntu.com, and one of the new features is a Restful/JSON API for accessing data about LoCo teams and events.  Now you can use this information in your own applications!

For example: you can write some Javascript to include a list of upcoming events on your LoCo Team’s website.  Or import the data into your own web application to integrate with other services.  Dan Trevino is even working on an Android application to list Ubuntu LoCo teams and events right on your phone!

So go ahead, take a look at the API docs, and see what fun and interesting things you can do with it!  Be sure to share your ideas and progress with us!  And of course, file bug reports if you encounter any errors.

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  1. Awesome work, Michael! :-)

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