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As I talked about in my last post, Chris Johnston, Daniel Holbach and I are going to be creating a foundation for Ubuntu community developed web applications along the lines of Summit and LoCo Directory.  The first glimpse of what that will be is available here:

Here’s a rundown of what it currently contains:

  • Django as the platform
  • Community developed “light” website templates
  • Launchpad integration for users and teams
  • ISO integration for countries and languages
  • Support for role-based access control
  • Services for easy REST/JSON exporting
  • Javascript to include Twitter/Identica #hash feeds
  • Init and update scripts for easy deployments

What we need now is a good name for this project, so we can set it up on Launchpad and really get things started.  And that’s where you come in, if you have an idea for a name for this project, please post it in the comments!

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  2. Great project! I think this will be of great help to people starting new websites, but also make work easier for the maintainers of the different Ubuntu websites there are, and allow for great integration and consistency.

    Ubuntu Community Website Foundation seems like a descriptive name, but it is a bit long. Ubuntu Website Base or Ubuntu Base Website, maybe? Those are just some thoughts that pop up in my head when quickly thinking about it.

  3. Anthony M. says:

    Ubuntu App-e-tize – Webapps for the masses!

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