UDS-N Wrap Up

The Ubuntu Developer Summit for Natty Narwhal came to a close yesterday, after 5 days of intense, mind-draining sessions.  I learned a lot, planned a lot, and have a huge list of action items for the next six months.

First off it was great to see so many people in person that I’ve come to know online over the past year or two.  I got to meet Daniel Holbach (dholbach) whom I’ve been working with for a while on the LoCo-Directory, as well as Jorge Castro (jcastro) and Dave Walker (Daviey) both of which I’ve been working with on the Summit website.  I finally got to meet Pete Graner, after missing him during SCaLE 8x earlier in the year, plus Penelope (Pendulum) and Mackenzie (maco) and many other people who I had never talked to before.  It was also an opportunity to see several of our LoCo members who I haven’t seen in a while, and well as some that I was able to meet in person for the first time.  Socially, it was a great time.

I have some really interesting action items for the next 6 month, including vastly extending the LoCo Directory, incorporating Qimo into Edubuntu, and making improvements to Summit.  I, along with Chris Johnston and Daniel Holbach, will also be working on a new project that will aggregate all of the things we made and learned in loco-directory, summit and ubuntu-teamreports into a foundation that will allow others to create new Ubuntu community webapps quickly and easily.  I’ll be blogging about each of this individually in the next several weeks

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