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Legally open, socially closed: part 2

There has been some interesting discussion on my last post, and I wanted to address some of the new criticisms that were brought up there and elsewhere.

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Legally open, socially closed

Much has been said lately about the revenue sharing decision made by Canonical in regards to the Banshee music store sales, starting with the announcement on Jono Bacon’s blog.  This was soon followed by posts questioning how the decision and … Continue reading

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What to do with the ISS

A group of NASA scientists has come up with a proposal for adding rockets to the International Space Station to turn it from an orbiting station into an inter-planetary space ship.  While not a new idea (talk of a space … Continue reading

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LoCo Directory 0.3.1

A new version of the Ubuntu LoCo Teams Directory was released this morning. It now includes interactive Google maps showing the locations of upcoming events (major props to Ronnie for this!).  Make sure that your team’s venues have longitude and … Continue reading

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Fun with Django, Meta-classes and dynamic models (Updated)

I’ve started a new project at work that’s proven to be both fun and challenging.  The request was simple enough, our clients wanted something like MS Access, where they could define their own record types, run queries, edit data and … Continue reading

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