Scientists may have discovered evidence of the Higgs boson

A leaked internal memo suggests that scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may have found the first evidence of the Higgs boson.  The Higgs is the last undiscovered particle predicted by the Standard Model, and is the one responsible for the properties of Mass.  It was also famously (and annoyingly) dubbed the “God Particle” because of it’s potential to provide a Grand Unified Theory of particle physics, and may also resolve the still-present conflict between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

The scientists involved in the project have stressed that the data in question is undergoing internal verification, and that it may all turn out to be just another false positive.  But with every professional and armchair physicist waiting in anticipation of it’s discovery, it’s exciting to see any test results that leave these kinds of tantalizing hints.

Some online discussion has suggested that this may all turn out to be a “hoax”, but the existence of the results has been confirmed by the scientists, even as they urge patience while they verify that the results actually are a confirmation of the Higgs, and not a testing or statistical anomaly.  So there is definitely some result from an LHC experiment that fits into the predicted values of for the existence of the Higgs.

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