Read Feeder gains Queue Bookmarks

Readfeeder has been working great as an all-purpose feed reader and organizer.  I really like being able to queue articles into my various queues, to “Read Later”, “Blog” about, or post on “Facebook”.  But there are times where I would come across a page while browsing outside of Read Feeder, and I really wanted to put those pages into one of my queues.  It wasn’t just me either, Michelle (who is really using it heavily now, with 103 feeds!) wanted this option to.

To do this I created Javascript bookmarks for each queue.  These bookmarks don’t point to a page, but rather contain Javascript that is run against the current page when you click on the bookmark.  This javascript will grab the current URL and document title, and send them to Read Feeder to be added to a queue.  Watch the video below to see how easily this works for adding random pages.


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