Read Feeder Updates

Development of Read Feeder has been going on at a relatively steady pace.  Michelle is really putting it through it’s paces with a whopping 153 feeds on her account!  I’m still looking for more testers during this private testing phase, so if you are a heavy consumer of syndicated content that you need to keep organized, send me an email.

Now on to the improvements!

Streamlined look

I’ve reduced the amount of clutter and wasted space on Read Feeder’s interface.  I looked at Facebook and GMail for ways to keep functions accessible, without drawing your eyes away from what you’re really interested in (your articles).  The goal is for Read Feeder to be there when you need it, but stay out of the way when you don’t.  There’s still more improvements that can be made here, but it’s moving in the right direction.

Page links

Read Feeder now gives you a numbered list of pages, making it easy to jump further back into your article list without having to press the “Older” link multiple times.  Your current page is highlighted in bold and underlined.

Subscribe URL

I recently added the Chrome RSS Extension to my browser, which lets you specify your own apps to use for subscribing to feeds.  To make that work with Read Feeder, I’ve added a handler that allows Chrome (and Firefox too) to send feeds from a page to your Read Feeder account.  From the extension’s options, add Read Feeder with this URL:

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One Response to Read Feeder Updates

  1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your progress on this.

    I’ve been looking for a free replacement to Google Reader for some time now, and missed your original post about this.

    My primary need is to queue stuff to read while browsing on my desktop so I can later access it offline on my Android phone (or tablet). Tagging / categorizing / reading is also important but I also want a way to share (to, primarily, but also as public RSS).

    I found two very interesting projects (both free):
    – NewsBlur –
    – Tiny Tiny RSS: –

    May I suggest you take a look at both, mostly NewsBlur which has what seems to be a pretty complete API. A Python wrapper recently surfaced too:

    Right now I use my own instance of Tiny Tiny RSS and its Android client, which seems to work for my needs. NewsBlur is much more polished but there is not Android client (discussion here.

    I’d love to see support for both in Read Feeder :) In any case I’ll be trying Feed Reader, thanks again for sharing your work.

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