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My Unity TV Mockups

Inspired my Mark Shuttleworth’s recent post about Alan Bell’s Unity TV mockups, I’ve decided to try my hand at some.  Alan did his using Pencil, which is an awesome tool for UI mockups that I wrote about previously, so it … Continue reading

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Reports of Ubuntu’s death are greatly exaggerated

(Update 1: There seems to be some confusion about what I’m saying in this post, so let me be absolutely clear from the start: I am not questioning or criticizing Distrowatch’s data.  Their data is, as far as I know, … Continue reading

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Community Appreciate Day

Recognition is the currency of the open source community.  When somebody does something that helps you, the proper way of paying them for their time and effort is, quite simply, to thank them and let other people know that they … Continue reading

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The Devil You Know

(Another school assignment, reposted here.) In 2010, the US Congress approval rating hit an abysmal 13% among the general public, according to a Gallup poll released in December. With voters holding such a low opinion of their national legislators, one … Continue reading

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Thoughts on balance

As we start getting into the political season (aka, a full year before the next election), it’s important to remember, in the course of our various political debates, that while all arguments have two sides, they are not always equal, … Continue reading

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LoCo Team BBQ: The Meat

Now that the rub  is ready, it’s time to prepare the meat.  For this weekend’s festivities, we have: 2 pork shoulders, 2 whole chickes, 4 large turkey legs, an assortment of chicken wings and drumsticks, a rack of ribs and … Continue reading

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LoCo Team BBQ: The Rub

This weekend we will be holding the second official Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team BBQ, which for me means that preparation has to start early.  All good barbecue starts with the dry rub, a combination of spices, sugar and salt that give the … Continue reading

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Quick UDS-P Wrapup

It’s late, I’m tired, so this is going to be brief.  But if I didn’t put something up now, chances are I’d procrastinate to the point where it didn’t matter anymore, so something is better than nothing. JuJu So the … Continue reading

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Learn some JuJu at the UDS Charm School

If you’ve been doing anything with Ubuntu lately, chances are you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Juju.  If you’re attending UDS, then there’s also a good chance that you’ve been to one or more sessions about Juju.  But … Continue reading

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eBook syncing with Ubuntu One

Are you both an Ubuntu user and a bibliophile?  Want to keep your ebooks synced between all your connected devices, including bookmarks and reading position?   If so, join us for this UDS session Thursday, Nov 3rd, where we’ll be … Continue reading

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