Thoughts on balance

As we start getting into the political season (aka, a full year before the next election), it’s important to remember, in the course of our various political debates, that while all arguments have two sides, they are not always equal, they don’t always deserve the same consideration, and the truth isn’t always somewhere in the middle.  Sometimes, one side is just plain, unequivocally right, and the other side is just outright, maddeningly wrong.

So here’s a few quick rules of thumb to keep in mind:

1) If one side of the argument has actually been proven wrong, it should no longer be considered.  Truthers and Birthers are not serious people, the are the Kardashians of politics.

2) If one side of the argument provides evidence to back it up, and the other provides emotions, they are not equal.  Evidence wins, every time.

3)  There are more ways to make a problem worse than there are to make it better.  Change for the sake of change doesn’t guarantee a better outcome.

4) “The way it’s always been” is not a valid justification.  If it was always that way for a good reason, then give that reason as justification.  If there isn’t a good reason, then it’s always been wrong.

5) Angry people are almost always wrong.  Not because the truth isn’t infuriating, but because people who take the time to understand the truth also understand why being angry isn’t going to help.

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