More Unity Quicklist Targets

Since almost all of recommended packages in my original post have been tackled already thanks to Nekhelesh Ramananthan and David Baucum, here’s a new list for those of you who are still itching to knock a few out.

This list contains some of the most popular downloads from the Ubuntu Software Center that don’t have a Quicklist in Precise.  Not all of them will have useful command line options to make shortcuts for, so if you run across one of those just mention it in the comments and I’ll take it off the list.



Not Available

  • firefox doesn’t properly handle command line options
  • vlc doesn’t support command line options
  • skype does not support command line options
  • gparted only supports 1 commandline option which is useless
  • gtk-recordmydesktop does not support command line options
  • openshot only supports 1 commandline option which is useless
  • eclipse does not support command line options
  • ubuntuone-control-panel needs dynamic quicklist (required coding)

Jorge Castro has also linked to an AskUbuntu page that lists many pre-made Quicklists for various apps that just need to be made in a bzr branch and turned into a merge proposal, which is another great and simple way to contribute to Ubuntu.

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43 Responses to More Unity Quicklist Targets

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  2. Nekhelesh Ramananthan says:

    Alrite I have started work on the following quicklists

    – Ubuntuone Control Panel
    – Eclipse
    – gtk-recordmydesktop
    – Firefox

    For now :)

    • Trenton Fox says:

      When I run –help on eclipse, it just launches. How are you pulling it off?

      • Michael Hall says:

        Not all applications use the –help flag. Another option is to run “man <program>” for documentation about it’s options.

    • Dany says:

      Quick update on Firefox qliikucst. I proposed the following qliikucsts for firefox,- Open Firefox in Safe mode- Switch between Private/Normal modeHowever, I talked to chris Coulson regarding this, and he had some well reasoned arguments to not implement since they do not work in all case scenarios. For instance, Switch between Private/Normal Mode does not make sense when firefox isn’t open.Hence this qliikucst would not accepted and can be marked as Not available .

  3. Trenton Fox says:

    There isn’t really anything useful to put in a quicklist for cheese or rhythmbox. Also, is it even possible to make one for eclipse (java)?

    • Michael Hall says:

      Does Rhythmbox not have a command line option for controlling playback of a running instance? Look at that AskUbuntu link I posted, someone there made a Quicklist for it already.

    • Trenton Fox says:

      Not much of any use in stellarium either. The ubuntuone-control-panel and wesnoth-1.8 don’t have .desktop files (that I could find).

      Well, wesnoth has one, but it didn’t allow me to open it. It is “untrusted.”

  4. TheGhost says:

    Great work guys, that’s what we need.
    It’s about time ;)

  5. Trenton Fox says:

    Submitted the merger for Rhythmbox’s quicklists.

    • Nekhelesh Ramananthan says:

      Trenton, I have completed the quicklist on ubuntuone control panel…so pls do not work on it.

      • Trenton Fox says:

        Yeah, I noticed that you had it on your list so I moved on. I don’t really know enough to do most of these. :/

  6. Pavan Savoy says:

    Seriously ? No one mentioned Google Chrome – Please stop being so “windows” and tying Ubuntu to Firefox – Provide options – Provide Google Chrome – Why is Google Chrome on Ubuntu so shabby ?

    • Michael Hall says:

      Sorry, Chome wasn’t on my list of apps. Chromium was, but it already has Quicklists.

      • Jorge Castro says:

        Chrome already has static quicklists, it needs generated ones for the bookmarks though like it has on Windows, I suspect Chromium is the same way.

  7. Kai Mast says:

    Empathy needs a quicklist too!

  8. Nekhelesh Ramananthan says:


    Vlc: Cannot be done since terminal commands open a new vlc window for every command instead of applying it to the current existing window.

    Skype: Does not support command line options

    gtk-record…: gtk-recordmydesktop itself does not support command line option since it basically just calls recordmydesktop. recordmydesktop does not have any gui, so users will not be able to stop it.

    gparted: Only supports 1 commandline option which is useless.

    openshot: Only supports 1 commandline option which is useless.

    Remmina: DONE – Requesting merge

    Firefox: DONE Quicklist Complete- Unable to branch firefox. When I use the branch command, it starts downloading the source package. However it keeps on downloading….the size is around 2300 MB and still keeps downloading…something definitely wrong!

    Please update the blog.

  9. Nekhelesh Ramananthan says:

    Ubuntu-control-Panel: The source package itself does not contain any .desktop files. Also ubuntu-control-panel-gtk is not a branch. However I noticed that ubuntuone-installer.desktop exists in /usr/share/applications. But I am not sure which package it is part of.

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  11. Nekhelesh says:

    Quick update on Firefox quicklist. I proposed the following quicklists for firefox,

    – Open Firefox in Safe mode
    – Switch between Private/Normal mode

    However, I talked to chris Coulson regarding this, and he had some well reasoned arguments to not implement since they do not work in all case scenarios. For instance, Switch between Private/Normal Mode does not make sense when firefox isn’t open.

    Hence this quicklist would not accepted and can be marked as “Not available”.

    • Michael Hall says:

      That’s too bad, it would have been a really nice feature to have. Thanks for taking the time to work on it anyway.

  12. I’ll do ccsm (compizconfig-settings-manager). seems that no one else is doing it.

  13. Nekhelesh says:

    Eclipse – Does not have any useful gui commands.

    I’ll try to figure out Audacious and Audacity tomorrow.

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  15. moises says:

    Great work, all of you!! This is what I like so much about the Ubuntu Community, you can see the human values on it
    You deserve my respect

  16. oimon says:

    i’d love a dynamic quicklist for gnome-terminal that allowed choosing from open terminal windows by their title (fred@host1, fred@host5, etc). in fact, i hide unity launcher and use docky for this feature alone, otherwise i would use the unity launcher.

    • Michael Hall says:

      I think someone in the community was trying to do this for all applications, provide a list of open windows in the quicklist. I’m not sure how far that’s gotten though.

  17. blathers16 says:

    I just uploaded a quicklist for smplayer.

  18. Michel says:


    I made a proposal on Ayatana list about an “About this computer” in the Dash. A simpler solution was proposed : add that entry in the BFB’s quicklist.
    see a simulation : about_menu
    As I couldn’t find the way to add an entry in for the BFB and to add a separator, I tested on the nautilus quicklist :
    Name=About this computer
    Exec=gnome-control-center info # or ‘gnome-system-monitor -s’
    and it’s interesting !
    Would it be possible to add this entry in the BFB’s quicklist ?

    • Michael Hall says:

      Since the BFB doesn’t have a .desktop file, the only way to add it would be through the code for Unity itself.

  19. costales says:

    Hi! I have problems with a dynamic quicklist.
    Is any tip about dynamic quicklists?
    Is enough these lines (by example):
    self.launcher = Unity.LauncherEntry.get_for_desktop_id (“gufw.desktop”)
    self.launcher.set_property(“progress”, 0.42)
    self.launcher.set_property(“progress_visible”, True)
    Best regards and thanks!!

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