Cartoon Me

The always amazing Martin Owens has decided to make me the subject of some of his latest artwork.  I must say I’m flattered to be picked, though I may have to start shaving more often.

Neither of us know what I’m holding in this image, so please give me your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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7 Responses to Cartoon Me

  1. Dave Morley says:

    Obviously it’s a Penguin Foot proddy stick to goad people into producing unity lenses using Hello Unity ;)

  2. Bowen Zhang says:

    obviously it’s a weapon.

    • Michael Hall says:

      Really? My first thought was a paint brush, but there was too much reflection on it for that

  3. htorque says:

    It’s the Ubuntu Community torch. Previous carrier: Jorge Castro.

    Or it’s something completely different. ;-)

  4. Brian Hall says:

    It’s fairly obvious that is the Lance of Longinus. Don’t lose it!!

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