App Development at UDS-Q

My big focus during the week of UDS will be on improving our Application Developer story, tools and services.  Ubuntu 12.04 is already an excellent platform for app developers, now we need to work on spreading awareness of what we offer and polishing any rough edges we find.  Below are the list of sessions I’ll be leading or participating in that focus on these tasks.

And if you’re curious about what else I’ll be up to, my full schedule for the week can be found here:

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3 Responses to App Development at UDS-Q

  1. Sounds awesome. Really exciting to see work being done to bring new apps and app developers to Ubuntu. I’m sure lots of great things are going to come of this :)

  2. Lestibournes says:

    What Ubuntu can use is a single preferred platform and language for development. You can have multiple libraries for different things, but for each task a developer wants to accomplish there should be one official way of getting it done. This will help reduce confusion and make it easier to get started developing for Ubuntu.

    Of course, this isn’t to say that support should be dropped for the other options.

  3. kAnIsQ says:

    …its a little off-the-topic, but, I can at least give an advice which WILL change the world…


    That way, people who want windows will first have to use ubuntu and Microsoft will die and all the cool guys using mac or ios out there will get all of there tv series and movies in their ubuntu’s HUD, so, Apple, with its “costly entertainment” will also die…

    Isn’t sharing is caring…

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