Bring on the apps

It’s no secret anymore, we want apps in Ubuntu.  Big app, small apps, shiny apps, cute apps,  apps that play a catchy tune while avian avengers explode porcine poachers.  You name it, we want it in Ubuntu.  And we need your help getting them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a programmer, there are plenty of programmers in the world, and they’re making all kinds of really cool apps that you want, that I want, that we all want.  But they’re not putting them in Ubuntu, and that’s why I need your help.

You see I’m just one person, and with David Planella we’ve got, well, two people.  Now, two people can find an awful lot of apps on the internet, that’s true.  Especially when that’s part of your job.  But even still that would hardly amount to a drop in the bucket of apps that have been made.  And we’re not happy with just a drop in the bucket, are you?

No, of course you’re not.  So right about now you’re probably thinking of a bunch of cool apps you’ve used or seen or read about recently (and if you weren’t before, you certainly are now, aren’t you).  And you may be wondering how you can help us get them into the Ubuntu Software Center.   Well wonder no more my friend, because we have a Trello board.

Not terribly impressive, I’ll admit, but it is terribly useful.  You see, David and I will be contacting each and every one of these app developers about submitting their apps to the Software Center, and moving the card from column to column as that conversation progresses.  And while we have a nice long “To Contact” list right now, it’s not going to stay that way without your help.

We’re opening up this board to anybody who wants to add new upstream apps for us to contact.  All you need to do is follow David’s instructions on this wiki page to get started.  It’s quick, mostly painless, and best of all you get to start telling us what to do (at least a little bit).

But wait! There’s more!  Didn’t I say we were just two people?  There’s no way we could contact all these upstreams on our own.  And hey, you’ve just signed up to join the Trello board (you did do that, right?), which means you can start contacting them too, and moving their cards, and make Ubuntu even better.  We’ve even created a reusable email template that you can use for that initial contact.

If you contact one of the app developers, make sure you move their card to the “Conversation Started” column, assign it to yourself, and add comments about who you contacted and any other relevant information.  This of course requires that you joined the board, which you definitely should do if you are going to be working on this.  And please note that is says “Started”, not “Finished”.  Once you contact the developer, keep that line of communication open and help them through the process of submitting their app.  If you get to a point where you can’t help them, let David or I know and we’ll be happy to pick it up.

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10 Responses to Bring on the apps

  1. Omer Akram says:

    if at all possible i think it would be better if ubuntu backports thing was put to rest and a single way was adopted to both publish and update + allowing developers of the app to update their already existing apps in the Software Center even they were first synced from debian or some Ubuntu dev uploaded it to archives in the past.

  2. Janne says:

    Dumb question: I click around everywhere but I see no way to “Join the Upstream App developers board”. If you could enlighten us on how to actually do that I’m sure a lot of people would be grateful.

    • Michael Hall says:

      Sorry, I thought Trello had a way for you to request to join. Email your Trello username to me ( and I’ll add you.

  3. Niklas Rosenqvist says:

    I would love to see the interface mockup tool “Pencil” in the Ubuntu repositories!

    • Janne says:

      This looks really promising! Any idea on how to actually install it though? I click ont he instlal link but Firefox does not recognize it as an installable package.

  4. Janne says:

    As Minecraft is suggested, let me add “UFO:AI” as another suggestion.

    Bumblebee would be very nice too, as the number of laptops with Optimus graphics is increasing.

  5. Daan Wynen says:

    Shouldn’t it say “Please let *me/us* know what what your plans are”?

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