What would you like to see in an Ubuntu TV?

With the Ubuntu TV port to Unity 3d currently underway, the project team is looking towards future feature development and they want the community’s input on what the product should do.  Specifically they are gathering a list of use cases that consumers might want in a Smart TV in five key areas:

  • Local/networked media
    • How should Ubuntu TV interface with media on the local device or local network?
  • Online media
    • How should Ubuntu TV find and play online media?
  • Control from another device (smartphone, tablet etc.)
    • How can you use your existing phone or table to interface with your TV?
  • Broadcast (LiveTV, PVR)
    • How should Ubuntu TV list, store and playback live TV?
  • Applications
    • What types of applications would be useful on a TV?

So here’s your chance to get involved and be heard, go to this wiki page and start adding your use cases to the list.



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46 Responses to What would you like to see in an Ubuntu TV?

  1. Francois says:

    Done ! Will try to add more ideas as they come.

  2. Wout says:

    As usual with Ubuntu they first break things before looking at what they need to build. In 12.04 my remote stopped working for xbmc. My perfectly working mediacenter based on ubuntu borked after an upgrade. Now i use openelec beta.

    I would like Ubuntu TV to be XBMC with maybe a plugin and a skin.

    • max says:

      just take xbmc’s strengths and leave it to make tiny fonts and bad decisions like determining that my sound card can’t handle the codec and refusing to play audio and not providing an option to just play it at the level the card supports. seriously why should ubuntu tv be xbmc? if xbmc is so great you can use xbmc.

  3. I would like to see more Community Contributions in a Ubuntu TV :) but on a more serious note it would be cool to have a OMG! Ubuntu! TV! channel.

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  5. Mikey Masters says:

    I’d like wide compatability. More specifically I want it to run on many ARM platforms including the Raspberry Pi (armv6).

    On the feature side, built in DVD playback ability would be a bonus.

    • max says:

      i don’t think they can legally include libdvdcss. but they could definetly show a user a very simple way to do it everytime a dvd is put in the drive.

  6. Kyle says:

    emulators / bluetooth

  7. Teo says:

    Have some kind of Airserver technology so it can be used to stream videos / music from iOS devices.

    Also some media center that will be lighter than XBMC but still be able to get media info from online DBs. Modular so we can play with it and create plugins.

    Finally, “apps” for various online services for streaming or other purposes. Examples: youtube, vimeo, Google Maps etc.

    • max says:

      i agree with the second two but would replace the first one with some sort of air destroyer tech to seek out and destroy ios devices found invading the network! :)

  8. I would like it to be able to incorporate the traditional television channels but also allow low budget startups to enter the market too like a ustream kind of thing. Plus control via a mobile is a must.

  9. Jeremy Thompson says:

    I would like Ubuntu TV to have many of the features of MythTV (which I have been using for 5 years as a home media centre).
    The key points for me are:
    *Easy for wife to use (MythTV is not easy)
    *Easier to detect and set up DVB-T/S tuners (flexibility in setting tuning range and assigning icons)
    *Media files playable from NFS share
    *Compatible with BBC iPlayer and other TV catchup sources
    *Facility to stream LiveTV and recorded material to mobile devices

  10. Ilan says:

    Something awsome would be a automatic commercial remover of the shows – movies we recorded.

  11. We would like to see a fully functional Ubuntu operating system, with all the usual functions of a modern smart TV.

  12. guest says:

    don’t forget karaoke… we asians always need that…

  13. TheAnonymousWriter says:

    I want it to be more like the XBMC media Center but with plugins included for countries like India also, which would be much appreciated as there are hell lot of users of it in India too..!!

  14. Daniel says:

    This will need a Netflix app to become very popular…most people use their PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii as there main TV focus because it has a lot of movies and TV shows to watch any time. If this had Netflix im sure people would love this!

  15. Kang says:

    Windows Media Player

  16. Easy interface for switching your connection.
    build in support for hulu, pandorra, netflix, etc
    Compatible with various clients for watching in other rooms .
    But most of all, make it easy! That would be step 1

  17. DLNA support, all my media servers run it…

  18. Jørgen Thulstrup says:

    I would like to be able to play my local music, video and pictures that reside on my NAS through DLNA.
    I would like to see my local TV guide – preferably through XMLTV based tv guide software.
    I would like to be able to read local and global news through a RSS reader – one that integrate with Google Reader.

  19. Markus Burrer says:

    Support for Ambilight !!


  20. Eryk says:

    I think ubuntu tv should have a optional fill key board mouse and full web browsing!!! If it has these i will definitely buy!!!

  21. Kilian Knoerzer says:

    Make the Ubuntu TV accessibility for the Deaf people with automatic subtitles and teletext. Let the HBBTV working too. It should be flexible for other disable people and blind.

    Thats important for this project to show how they will give all people to us this TV in the future.

  22. Bracken says:

    Good API with which to make a remote. For all actions it should be possible to make a the remote (maybe a normal IR jobby) control menus on the screen or have the remote itself (maybe a smartphone/mp3 player) contain the menus.

    • max says:

      yes i want to be able to use a $10 universal remote and it work just as good as a factory [insert big $ brand here] remote like it was made with ubuntutv

  23. hello says:

    I’d just like to be able to watch HD content with GPU acceleration (e.g. vdpau) without seeing the output stuttering with compiz using 1/3 cpu.

  24. Rax says:

    Get away from that Unity design. The Concept is ok but put something else in it (it just looks like the ordinary Ubuntu Desktop. Then add recording, and other functions especially to the live TV. Also how about some apps, games, etc…

    Just don´t let this come out like Apple TV!

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  26. Dustin MacDonald says:

    Hardware: Leap Motion, USB ports, and webcam (just think having a G+ hangout easily from your HDTV). Little sway in this since Ubuntu TV would only be software and vendors control the hardware, but the options of this should be made aware of.
    Software: Ubuntu One for saving recordings/movies to, for viewing when away from home/TV screen, option could pop up when recording. Rhythmbox should be included, TV’s usually have the best audio set up and playing my music or streaming my music with Rhythmbox would be an awesome plus. Pinning favourite channels to the Unity bar would be awesome. Rather then remembering the channel number, or where it is on the guide you could just head over the unity bar (and it would be saved in for search) and click on it and you are there, extra handy if you cannot just ‘recall’ to it if it wasn’t one of your last viewed channels.

  27. Kai Mast says:

    just wondering, where is the code for the rewrite?

    On this launchpad there is only unity 2d code and the last commit was in january…

    • Michael Hall says:

      There isn’t any yet, they’re still finishing the roadmap of what needs to be done and who can work on it. The need to port to Unity 3D was just realized last month at UDS-Q.

  28. Marco says:

    Native support to DVB-S and DVB-T tuner with a great EPG, supporting Video Disk Recording directly from EPG. Not only video streaming and playing, but a complete and professional solution.

    It would be great to choose also an arm reference platform, such as TEGRA or OMAP and to add full support also to this chipsets, including the DVB-S and DVB-T tuners driver.

  29. UbuntuOne says:

    I would love to have below features –
    – Easy way to access all Youtube Subscription
    – Easy way to Store my Earlier Youtube Episode and it should start from that episode onwards
    – Configuration window where i can Put several separated links and Create One long Video.

  30. Vadim P. says:

    A reliable TV schedule. Feature to auto-wake TV to see certain show you’d like to see.

  31. Charles T says:

    I use a boxee box, and a samsung player, which are both deficient. I’d like:

    a) A way to use my android phone as a remote.
    b) A search that will find stuff across the places I have accounts: netflix, hulu, vudu, itunes, amazon, and my personal library on my network attached storage.
    c) A solid way to manage my queue of stuff “to watch” which includes posts from friends on facebook, youtube subscriptions, and RSS sources (geekbeat.tv).
    d) Good support for viewing my photo library, and my music library from my network

    My NAS supports NFS, CIFS, AFS, uPNP.

  32. Sid Payton says:

    I would love to have the ability to start reading an (newspaper/blog/…) article and finish reading it on my smartphone/tablet.

    It’s content should be displayed in a easy to read way, just like the “Reader” functionality in Apple’s safari.

    There should also be an option to let the computer read the article with a friendly voice to you. This would give people with disabilitys more options.

  33. barun says:

    how to get 10.04

  34. Pizdolizu says:

    Id like to see some ad blockers! Whatever that would make the ads go away! Play random music and show random pictures for instance while the ads ar on.

  35. Carson says:

    I would like to see Ubuntu TV mix the best of MythTV and Roku, including some of the following:
    -Backend/Frontend architecture like MythTV, where I can have a single server in the basement managing all local content, TV tuners, recordings, etc. Then each viewing location would have a small frontend for streaming content from the backend.
    -An out-of-the-box set of popular apps like Netflix, Amazon VOD, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, Hulu Plus, etc.
    -Ability to stream from backend to mobile devices on my network.
    -Network control, so I can integrate it into my universal remote app without the need for line of sight using IR.
    -Ability for third party developers to create apps and be provided via a simple ‘app’ store, either for free or for a fee set by the developer.
    Basically I’d like to replace my current setup of a MythTV frontend and a Roku player with a single device that combines the best of both devices, with the kind of app development the Android market provides for mobile devices.

  36. Mike says:

    I want a way to stream from my ubuntu in the living room to a roku box in the bedroom.

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