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Following yesterday’s announcement of the Ubuntu Webapps project, I really wanted to find a way to try it out on a website.  I chose my personal blog (this one) as my guinea pig.

Since this site is powered by WordPress, it seemed that the best way to add Ubuntu Webapps integration was to make a plugin.  Now I’m not a big fan of writing WordPress backend code, not only is it PHP but I’ve found the API documentation lacking and the actual API implementation a bit of a mess.

However, after only a few hours of work (90% of which was spent trying to get the WP API to work), I had a very basic plugin that would export all my published pages to the Unity HUD.  If you have already installed the Ubuntu Webapps preview, you should have been asked if you want to integrate this site already.  If you did, you will get this in your HUD:

The code is licensed under the AGPLv2, and can be branched from my bazaar branch.

To install it, just copy the ubuntuwebapps.php file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory, then activate the plugin from the WP admin.  And remember this is 0.1 code that is mere hours old.  You have been warned.

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14 Responses to Ubuntu Webapps for WordPress

  1. Vadim P. says:

    Brilliant – please announce again when you publish this as a packaged WP plugin from their website :)

    • Michael Hall says:

      I have no idea what’s involved in that, if anybody has experience and is willing to help, that would be great.

      • Ricardo N Feliciano says:

        I’m confused. I thought WordPress was already a supported site. Is it not? Or only for WordPress.com sites?

        I can make a WordPress plugin for this if a demand is present.

        • Michael Hall says:

          The built-in support seems to be only for wordpress.com, and only provides launcher and message menu integration. I didn’t see anything when I went to the site, but then again I don’t have an account there either, so maybe it’s only for logged in users.

  2. Jorge Castro says:

    hmmm, I was going to say “oh neat!” then I realized that a disqus plugin would also be awesome, so that you can reply, etc on common blogs.

  3. Aras says:

    That is an awesome idea and it is pretty impressive that you could develop a working proof of concept in such a short time!
    I am not an experienced WP developer, but I have been very interested in it and I am in the process of developing my first plugin. I would like to help and develop this plugin further. Let me know what you think.
    From what I have researched it looks like submitting a plugin to wordpress plugin directory is an easy process when you are ready, but you have to make sure its ready to be consumed by masses and that its rather bullet proof. You would want to get a really high rating to get well accepted.
    I have subscribed to your repository and will try the plugin on my blog this week, so I will have some better idea of what is needed to improve it. I really like the idea of being able to integrate interaction with comment section that Jorge suggested above.

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  5. Maxim says:

    awesome work!

    Unity Webapps already have plugin for WordPress( http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~webapps/webapps-applications/trunk/files/head:/src/cms_integration/wordpress_plugin/ ),
    but it miss HUD integration.

    It will be great merge them!

  6. Sebastian says:

    inspired by your code

    generic “api” module for drupal

  7. Patrick Godbey says:

    ” a very basic plugin that would export all my published pages to the Unity HUD”

    I am a wordpress developer and occasional ubuntu user. Forgive me, and I genuinely want to know, not being snarky, but what is the point? Was this just an exercise in concept, or what are some of the possibilities of this?

    • Michael Hall says:

      For me and my blog, it was mostly an exercise in the concept. But if you have a large WP site with many pages, this would help with discovery.

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