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Quickly: Reborn

UPDATE: A command porting walk-through has beed added to the documentation. Back around UDS time, I began work on a reboot of Quickly, Ubuntu’s application development tool.  After two months and just short of 4000 lines of code written, I’m … Continue reading

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Adding privacy setting support to your Unity Lens

During this latest round of arguing over the inclusion of Amazon search results in the Unity Dash, Alan Bell pointed out the fact that while the default scopes shipped in Ubuntu were made to check the new privacy settings, we … Continue reading

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A sneak peek inside Ubuntu Skunkworks

The Ubuntu Skunkworks program is now officially underway, we have some projects already staffed and running, and others where I am gathering final details about the work that needs to be done.  Today I decided to look at who has … Continue reading

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Ubuntu App Developers community on Google Plus

Now that Google+ has added a Communities feature, and seeing as how Jorge Castro has already created one for the wider Ubuntu community, I went ahead and created one specifically for our application developers.  If you are an existing app … Continue reading

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