Ubuntu Calendar App Hackfest

Today is the first of the Ubuntu Core Apps Hack Days, where we will focus on one app per day to help get new contributors setup, walk people though installing and testing the Core apps, filing bug reports and knocking out some of the outstanding feature requirements needed to get the Core Apps ready for release.

The Hack Day activity will happen in the #ubuntu-app-devel channel on Freenode IRC.  We will have dedicated helpers (myself, dpm and popey) from 9am to 9pm UTC to answer your questions, help get your setup, and review your code.  We will also have developers of the Core Apps themselves joining the channel as they can to help with your contribution.

Today we’re going to be focusing on the Calendar application, one of the original Core apps and also one of those that is already in the default device images.  Our goal for today is to get the Calendar ready for every-day use (dogfooding), which means we need to get the following features working:

  • Browse by month
  • Browse by week
  • Browse by day
  • Bonus: sync Google Calendar

To help with these, you’ll need to know some QML and/or Javascript.  You can read through our Core Apps Development Guide to get started.

In addition to these required features, we also have a load of new designs to improve the functionality and user experience for the app.  If you’re feeling like taking on a slighter larger task, and you have a good handle on building front-end functionality in QML, here’s a good opportunity to leave your mark.

We also want to fill out our automated test coverage, of which there are currently five bugs that need somebody to work on them.  Autopilot tests are all written in Python, so this is a great way for our large community of Python developers to get involved with the Core Apps projects.

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9 Responses to Ubuntu Calendar App Hackfest

  1. Brian Perry says:

    How do I get the contributor agreement? It says email Alan Pope but his email is hidden.

  2. nono68200 says:

    “Bonus: sync Google Calendar”

    No Ubuntu One synchronisation for now?

    • While the Online Accounts integration work is ongoing, there is no Ubuntu Calendar service Ubuntu One could sync to.

      • Chris Ben says:

        but is such a feature planned?

      • katze_sonne says:

        Well I personally don’t care about Google Calendar that much but I really hope that there will be a CalDAV sync?

        • Michael Hall says:

          CalDAV sync to what? Are there any CalDAV servers available now that Google is discontinuing theirs?

          • katze_sonne says:

            The first thing I’d like to point out that Google reversed their decision to discontinue CalDAV. (for more information: http://googledevelopers.blogspot.ca/2013/06/making-googles-caldav-and-carddav-apis.html)

            The second thing is: Ubuntu Touch is a newcomer and really needs to have at least the same features as iOS (CalDAV is integrated into the OS) or Android (I’m not 100% sure what the CalDAV Sync is like in Android but there are possibilities to get it working) if it really wants to be a “real competition” for other OSs on the market. And features like CalDAV are some which are important for people who are interested into technical features – and often those people help to spread software to “noobs”.

            For example ownCloud makes use of CalDAV. Also DaviCAL or baikal (personally I’m using the last one). So if you want to setup “your own Cloudserver” open standards like CalDAV will help to sync your (also Ubuntu Touch!)-Devices with “your own cloud”. So PLEASE add CalDAV support for Ubuntu Touch. It’s very important because it is the only possibility (at least the only one I know) to setup a sync between different devices without the Google cloud. And not everyone wants to use the Googel cloud (NSA *cough*) (and noone likes to be dependent on ONLY ONE service).

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