Win an OPPO Find 5

Do you want a new OPPO Find 5?  Of course you do!  Well the awesome team at OPPO have given us a brand new Find 5 (x909 to be exact) for us to give you.  So here’s the deal, the first person to provide a working Ubuntu Touch image for this device gets to keep it.

Last weekend both Ubuntu and OPPO had booths at the first ever XDA Developers Conference in Miami.  While discussing both of our new products, the idea came up to hold a porting contest to get Ubuntu Touch running on the Find 5.  Jono announced the initial contest during his presentation on Saturday, with an initial challenge to have a winner claim the prize during the conference itself.  Despite having three separate developers build images and flash them onto the phone, none were able to boot into Ubuntu Touch.

So now we’re extending the contest and making it available to everybody!  To enter, you will need to send me an email containing links to the necessary files and detailed step-by-step direction for loading them on the phone.  I don’t have much experience with flashing ROMs, so treat me like a complete newbie when writing your instructions.  If your images don’t work, I will send you the output from adb logcat as well as any other information you request.  If your images do work, and meet the requirements below, I’ll be asking for a mailing address so I can send you your prize!

In order to win your phone, you need to get Ubuntu Touch running on the OPPO Find 5. Not just booting, but running, and is a way that makes it usable for other Find 5 owners.  So I’ve set out the following things that I will be checking for:

  • The phone boots into Ubuntu Touch (obviously)
  • I can launch multiple apps and switch between them
  • I can make phone calls (I have a SIM that works)
  • I can send and receive SMS
  • I can connect to Wifi, using WPA2
  • The screen goes to sleep when pressing the power button or after the set timeout period, and wakes up again when pressing the power button
  • I can play audio with the Music app
  • I can take pictures with the front and rear cameras

So, you want to take a crack at it?  Well the first step is to read the Ubuntu Touch Porting Guide.  Once you have an image you want me to try, send an email to with “OPPO” somewhere in the subject (just to help me out, I get a lot of email).  In that email include all of the steps necessary to download and install your image.  Again, be detailed, I’m a newb.  If you image meets the above requirements, I’ll put it in the mail to you!  After that, we can work on getting your image available for easy installation via our phablet-flash tool, so all the other OPPO Find 5 owners can try it too.

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12 Responses to Win an OPPO Find 5

  1. Jef Spaleta says:

    wi-fi display… hmmm now that is a very interesting technology concept for the convergence story. Very interesting. blue tooth keyboard and mouse and wifi beaming of the interface to a large monitor or tv…hmm.


    • Michael Hall says:

      It’s a very nice phone. I hadn’t heard of OPPO before the Find 5 came out, but I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the future.

      • Jef Spaleta says:

        this wi-fi display thing is very interesting. So this is getting shoved into pretty much the entire android device ecosystem moving forward? Tablets, phones, smarttvs all of it it seems.

        The real question is.. can Utouch on that phone device make use of the same wi-fi display tech? Or is there some proprietary magic goop associated with doing the video encoding and what not? If Utouch can do the wi-fi display stuff on the native Ubuntu.

        Man I would love to see the wi-fi display stuff make it into every monitor and every tv every presentation projector and every phone and laptop and tablet so you can just beam your display image to whatever display device you wanted. Much better than having to dongle your phone to a monitor or whatever.


      • You can bet on it. They will soon be launching a camera-centric smartphone N1. And, they’re a great brand that supports Custom ROMs. Actually, I came here via the tweet on their Official Page.

  2. Craig Mintz says:


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  4. Babul says:

    Relay Nice ……………..

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  6. mengyang says:

    where is my xiaomi 2a……

  7. sndnvaps says:

    I hope someone can port to to the cell phone .

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