UbBloPoMo, a solution to the Planet Ubuntu problem

Ubuntu community advocate Randall Ross has recently started off a conversation about Planet Ubuntu, the blog aggregator for Ubuntu Members.  In it he details things that he thought were broken, and offered up some ideas for how to fix them.  This was followed by response blogs from Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon and Charles Proffit, each offering their opinions on the problems (or lack thereof) and solutions..

For my part, I think the problem isn’t so much the amount of bad content, it’s that there just isn’t enough content.  The Ubuntu community is big, diverse, and infinitely interesting.  I have no doubt that there is a greater potential among us for good, positive content than for bad content, if only we all contributed something.  So my idea is this: UbBloPoMo, or Ubuntu Blog Posting Month.

This isn’t a new idea, I’ve blatantly ripped of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), which means we probably shouldn’t use the name UbBloPoMo, but it sounds pretty silly anyway and the double-B is a bit of a hack, so I’m okay with that.

The idea is simple, every day of the month (or as often as you remember, we won’t judge) you publish something on your blog.  It can be a huge essay, one paragraph, one line, a limerick, a haiku, or just a screenshot.  It can be about something you are doing with Ubuntu, in the cloud, on the desktop or a phone.  It can be about something completely unrelated to Ubuntu, but which represents you personally or your interests, like cooking or photography. The purpose is just to get people talking, and to let people get to know you and your interests.  It’s also a good way to get back into the habit of blogging if, like me, you’ve let yours sit idle for far too long.

So, that’s my idea.  I’m going to give it a try.  This February, in fact, since it starts in two days and is conveniently the shortest month of the year.  I’d welcome anybody else to join me in it.  Let’s load up planet.ubuntu.com with inspiring, funny, educational or just plain entertaining content that truly represents the community that we are.  If you want to participate too, announce it on your own blog and spread the word.

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5 Responses to UbBloPoMo, a solution to the Planet Ubuntu problem

  1. Joel Pickett says:

    Pretty good idea to start off the month. Better try this before any major structural changes to the Planet.

  2. James says:

    I 80% agree with you. I feel that there isn’t enough content or variety. I read the planet everyday and really like seeing new and interesting things.

    My only concern is that the quality stays high – rather than just having lots of random stuff for the sake of it.

    • Michael Hall says:

      80% isn’t bad, I’ll take it :)

      I’m not overly concerned about quality, in my experience people who put in the time and effort to become Ubuntu Members in the first place care more about the quality of the things they do.

  3. Mike Hingley says:

    Right – I’d better get myself all set up. :)

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