Apologies to razvi and iloveubuntu.net

Let me just start off by saying that I love iloveubuntu.net, I subscribe to their RSS feed and read if pretty regularly, as regularly as I read any other feed.  I have a great deal of respect for razvi and the writing he does for that site, and I would never mean any disrespect to him.

So what happened?  When I started my UbBloPoMo project, one of the things I said I would do was write a post in the evening, and schedule it to publish the following day.  That is what I’ve done for every post this month, and the last one was no exception.  I had written my article, and scheduled it to publish at 4am my local time (9am UTC), and at that point in time I was unaware of razvi’s editorial on the same subject (which may or may not have been published by the time I wrote mine).

My choice in headline was in no way a reference to his.  In fact, I chose the wording specifically because it wasn’t similar to any other headline for any other article I had read yesterday, so that nobody would feel like I was singling them out in particular. Of all the different ways a headline could have been worded, it was just a matter of random chance (or dump luck on my part) that mine and his were as similar as they were.

I still stand by what I said, about Mozilla and about us as a community.  But I wanted to apologize to razvi for the confusion and hurt feelings caused by my headline.  And to reiterate, I still love iloveubuntu.net, I still have a great deal of respect for razvi, and I will continue making his site part of my regular news reading.

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2 Responses to Apologies to razvi and iloveubuntu.net

  1. Guest says:

    Well i guess you can get credit for apologize because not everybody would do that but as you say you stand behind what you wrote and i hope ILU does the same and from now on regularly, independently and objective writes about privacy issues Ubuntu/Firefox have. This is something Canonical (Mozilla we will see) is uncomfortable to discuss and users have issues with and that is perfect ground for some independent and correct journalism.

    Do not get me wrong i hope ILU does not start some non-objective and unprofessional trolling regarding this issues Ubuntu has all i hope for is news coverage that will make good discussion and hopefully in the future turn things for the better (Canonical and user wise).

  2. brian says:

    You did the right thing, Michael.

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