My App Showdown Wishlist

Today we announced the start of the next Ubuntu App Showdown, and I have very high hopes for the kinds of apps we’ll see this time around. Our SDK has grown by leaps and bounds since the last one, and so much more is possible now. So go get yourself started now:

Earlier today Jono posted his Top 5 Dream Ubuntu Apps, and they all sound great.  I don’t have any specific apps I’d like to see, but I would love to get some multi-player games.  Nothing fancy, nothing 3D or FPS.  Think more like Draw Something or Words With Friends, something casual, turn-based, that lets me connect with other Ubuntu device users. A clone of one of those would be fun, but let’s try and come up with something original, something unique to Ubuntu.

What do you say, got any good ideas?  If you do, post them in the App Showdown subreddit or our Google+ App Developers community and let’s make it happen.

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3 Responses to My App Showdown Wishlist

  1. Arvant says:

    i went to submit app for ubuntu app showdown. too
    i like your blog and flow it .
    Thank for share your knowledge

  2. Arvant says:

    have any why to download and install ubuntu sdk offline?

    • Michael Hall says:

      The SDK package installs a number of dependencies, which would make it difficult to do offline.

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