UbBloPoMo ends

I almost forgot to post today, which would have been sad because it’s the last day of my UbBloPoMo plan. But I still have 30 minutes before March 1st (my time), so I’ll type quickly to make this one count.

This will be the 21st post using the UbBloPoMo tag, and I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out. Not only has it gotten me out of a rut on not blogging, it also boosted my site traffic rather significantly and, I hope, given Planet Ubuntu readers a little more regular and irregular content.

I did miss one day, but the following post proved to be the most popular of the month.  It got a lot of people talking and even landed me a guest spot on the Linux Unplugged show, which was quite a bit of fun and I would love to do again (subtle hints there).

I don’t plan on continuing this blog-a-day through into March, but I do plan on keeping this blog more active than it was most of last year.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading these posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, and even more I hope I’ve inspired some of you to blog more on your own websites.

Posted with 10 minutes to spare.

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