Work begins on Qimo 3.0

Today I started work on the third release of Qimo.  I’m slowly but surely learning how to do it better.

In the first release of Qimo I unpacked an Ubuntu ISO by hand, changed things by hand, and then re-packed the ISO….by hand. It was really quite a bit of work.

By the second release I had learned to build debian packages to install Qimo’s artwork, configurations and dependencies.  This make things a good bit easier, but I was still unpacking Ubuntu’s ISO, ripping things out, installing my new packages, hacking a few more things together, and then packing it up again.

Now, for the third release, I’m learning how to use debootstrap to create a brand new ISO, just for Qimo, with just the things that Qimo needs to run. I’m still learning how it all works, but I’m hoping it will reduce the time and effort it takes to spin up a new CD image, which will let me iterate faster on the actual development of Qimo, and maybe even provide regular image downloads during development.

Who knows, if all goes well, I might even have time to fix up the website.

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7 Responses to Work begins on Qimo 3.0

  1. David Lartey says:

    This is the first time I’m hearing of Qimo but that hasn’t stopped the excitement and I wanted to try it out but all the direct download gave 404. I would really prefer a direct download, don’t know if you know of those problems and if there’s another live link?

  2. Danny Gray says:

    We are looking forward to an updated Qimo. I used it to introduce my oldest child to computing and am re-installing it for the second child. Thank you for the hard work.

  3. Danny Gray says:

    I used Qimo to introduce my oldest daughter to Linux. Now my youngest is learning intro keyboarding with TuxType as well. We look forward to the next release. BTW: An Asus eeePC 901 with 4 GB main and 16 GB secondary solid state memory is the “little hands” workhorse. Please strive for the new release to stay within this system’s specifications (if possible).

  4. Andrew Mac says:

    Hi Michael

    I’ve really enjoyed showing Qimo to friends and family, especially being able to pop in a CD, reboot the PC and have a dedicated learning station, without endangering Mom and Dad’s files.

    Thanks for your efforts. If you need assistance with packaging some of the Qimo software for v3, let me know.

  5. Brian says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting Qimo 3.0. Version 2.0 won’t run live off the CD for some reason, so I went with Edubuntu instead. I like its software bundle, but the Unity interface is extremely unintuitive for me, and it’s a mystery to my kids too. If you can keep the functionality of Ubuntu with a simple and well-organized user interface in Qimo 3.0, you’ll have a winner. Thanks!

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