Community Donations Report, Q2 2014

Whenever a user downloads Ubuntu from our website, they are asked if they would like to make a donation, and if so how they want their money used. When the “Community” option is chosen, that money is made available to members of our community to use in ways that they feel will benefit Ubuntu.

I’m a little late getting this report published, but it’s finally done. You can read the report here:

We pretty consistently spend less than we get in each quarter, which means we have money sitting around that could be used by the community. If you want to travel to an event, would like us to sponsor an event, need hardware for development or testing, or anything else that you feel will make Ubuntu the project and the community better, please go and fill out the request form.


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2 Responses to Community Donations Report, Q2 2014

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  2. I have been a VERY happy Ubuntu adopter. I don’t have funds to support Ubuntu development therefore I haven’t contributed. Since adopting Ubuntu 12.10 I have installed on 4 different systems. I now have an old fully functional 32 bit Dell laptop (Inspiron 6000 series) that I turn on about every month just to make sure it’s current. I’m willing to donate this laptop if it will help the development / testing process. I upgraded the 512 MB ram to 2 GB, it has a 37 GB hard drive, Intel Celeron M 1.5 GHZ.
    I’d prefer not to pay to ship it if you decide that it coud be used effectively.

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