Share a link, win a Mycroft!

mycroftMycroft, the open source Artificial Intelligence project currently on Kickstarter, has teamed up with Ubuntu to give away a free device! They’re in the final days of their campaign, and need your help getting it to their goal. So we’re having a contest to spread awareness of their campaign, and whoever helps them the most can win a free Mycroft device of their own.

To enter, you need to create a unique link for yourself using the URL below. Replace {yourname} with your Launchpad nickname (or Twitter handle if you don’t use LP). This link will redirect viewers to Mycroft’s Kickstarter campaign page, and record a referral for you. Then share your custom link through blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else that you can reach people who would be interested in supporting the project.{yourname}

The user with the most clicks on their link will be given a Mycroft Extendable unit ($149 level on Kickstarter), which makes the HDMI and GPIO ports easily accessible for hackers and makers to extend it’s functionality by connecting it to other devices.

But wait, there’s more! The top three referrals will have their names added to Mycroft’s longterm memory. This means is that they will be a permanent part of Mycroft’s programming and will be read off to users in response to a specific question (to be determined).  Think of it kind of like an easter-egg in Mycroft’s code to immortalize your role in making it a reality.

Winners will be calculated at the end of the campaign, and contacted via Launchpad (or Twitter), so make sure your custom URL has the correct name in it. Don’t forget that this contest will run until the end of the campaign, not just until they reach their initial funding goal, so keep sharing your link until the very end.

Good Luck!

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6 Responses to Share a link, win a Mycroft!

  1. dani says:

    to include my twitter handle, I have to right my whole twitter address? for example in a place of username where ai suppose to write my twitter handle to write

    or only

  2. @naggsen says:

    OK, posted what you said on twitter.
    Good luck – it looks like they’ll do it !

  3. cm-t says:

    Hi !

    Happy to see they have reached the campaign with moreover the stretch goal #1 \o/

    Looking forward to have an update about this contest since I was involved in it, spamming my followers ;)

    That was my url :

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