Don’t be afraid of women in tech

It’s incredibly disappointing that I even feel the need to write that headline, but recently a story has hit the interwebs that’s nothing short of fearmongering against an already beleaguered minority.

The truth is that women in open source are some of the nicest, smartest, friendliest, most inspiring people I have ever met. They work on it for the same reasons I do, because the like the projects and they like the people in them. I’m a better person, and a better contributor to the open source community, because I had (and still have) the opportunity to work with them and learn from them.

If you miss out on that opportunity just because somebody’s friend thinks there’s a conspiracy against him, you’re only hurting yourself. Treat people with respect and kindness, and they will do the same to you.

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2 Responses to Don’t be afraid of women in tech

  1. Fontalamh says:

    Thanks for being sensible, there’s crap cropping up elsewhere that is full of the sexism that the original story is intended to defend.

  2. Vincent says:

    You can’t reply to something like that without saying what you’re replying to and leaving us hanging! I haven’t seen or even heard of the original story, and I really can’t imagine someone actually saying they’re afraid of women in tech.

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