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On Democratic Republics and Meritocratic Oligarchies

There’s a saying in American political debate that is as popular as it is wrong, which happens when one side appeals to our country’s democratic ideal, and the other side will immediately counter with “The United States is a Republic, not … Continue reading

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A new 80/20 rule for open source

I didn’t have a post for yesterday, which means I haven’t managed to follow even the lenient rules I had set out for myself at the beginning.  I could claim that, since yesterday was a holiday in the USA it … Continue reading

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Apologies to razvi and

Let me just start off by saying that I love, I subscribe to their RSS feed and read if pretty regularly, as regularly as I read any other feed.  I have a great deal of respect for razvi and the … Continue reading

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Mozilla turns evil, sells your eyes to the highest bidder

Seriously?  If you find yourself writing a headline like this, you need to take a break from the internet.  If you clicked on this one because you wanted more blood-sport FOSS drama, you’re out of luck (and you should also … Continue reading

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Distribution is Contribution

When the topic of contributions to FOSS come up, it usually happens that people focus entirely on the aspect of creation, specifically code creation, to the exclusion of all others.  In the context of software, this makes a certain amount … Continue reading

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The Devil You Know

(Another school assignment, reposted here.) In 2010, the US Congress approval rating hit an abysmal 13% among the general public, according to a Gallup poll released in December. With voters holding such a low opinion of their national legislators, one … Continue reading

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Thoughts on balance

As we start getting into the political season (aka, a full year before the next election), it’s important to remember, in the course of our various political debates, that while all arguments have two sides, they are not always equal, … Continue reading

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What the Founding Fathers intended

One of our favorite appeals to authority in the US, when discussing politics, is to invoke the image of mythical figures from 1787 making grand speeches that support our current views on any given policy in 2011.  I use the … Continue reading

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Happy vs. Right

A while back I posted a question to Facebook asking if people would rather be happy or right.  I posed it without context or explanation, just to see what the initial reaction of my friends would be.

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Legally open, socially closed: part 2

There has been some interesting discussion on my last post, and I wanted to address some of the new criticisms that were brought up there and elsewhere.

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