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My SCaLE 13x and UbuCon review

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the thirteenth Southern California Linux Expo, more commonly known at SCaLE 13x. It was my first time back in five years, since I attended 9x, and my first time … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Systems

Two years ago, my wife and I made the decision to home-school our two children.  It was the best decision we could have made, our kids are getting a better education, and with me working from home since joining Canonical … Continue reading

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UbBloPoMo ends

I almost forgot to post today, which would have been sad because it’s the last day of my UbBloPoMo plan. But I still have 30 minutes before March 1st (my time), so I’ll type quickly to make this one count. … Continue reading

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Why the Linux desktop is not dead

Because you will never, ever, see this headline: Linux Corporation discontinues desktop product, fires developers. As long as there are people who want a Linux desktop, there will be a Linux desktop.  And by any measure, there are more people … Continue reading

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App Development at UDS-Q

My big focus during the week of UDS will be on improving our Application Developer story, tools and services.  Ubuntu 12.04 is already an excellent platform for app developers, now we need to work on spreading awareness of what we … Continue reading

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Bonjour, Hola, and Hallo Unity!

Hello Unity is now open for translations! Please help me make this technology showcase is available to application developers in your native language.  Translations are done through Launchpad, and will be built into the Hello Unity package.

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Creation as Contribution

This was originally part of my post Distribution is Contribution, but it wasn’t the primary point I wanted to make there, and I realized there was far more I wanted to say about this subject. Production The origin of all … Continue reading

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So you want to try switching to Ubuntu?

 Over the years there have been no shortage of articles where people try switching to Ubuntu (or other distro) for some period of time, to see if they can use it as a replacement for Windows.  Some are happy with … Continue reading

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Singlet + Quickly: Better, Faster, Simpler

One of the most requesting things since I first introduced Singlet was to have a Quickly template for creating Unity Lenses with it.  After weeks of waiting, and after upgrading Singlet to work in Precise, and getting it into the Universe … Continue reading

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Ubuntu TV: the case for Unity

By now you should have heard that Canonical is branching out from the desktop and has begun work on getting Ubuntu on TVs.   Lost in all the discussion of OEM partnerships and content distribution agreements is a more exciting … Continue reading

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