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UbBloPoMo ends

I almost forgot to post today, which would have been sad because it’s the last day of my UbBloPoMo plan. But I still have 30 minutes before March 1st (my time), so I’ll type quickly to make this one count. … Continue reading

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My App Showdown Wishlist

Today we announced the start of the next Ubuntu App Showdown, and I have very high hopes for the kinds of apps we’ll see this time around. Our SDK has grown by leaps and bounds since the last one, and … Continue reading

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New roof, new developer portal, new scopes, what a week!

It’s been a crazy busy week, and it’s only Tuesday (as of this writing)!  Because I’m exhausted, this is going to be a short post listing the things that are new. New Roof I wrote earlierthat I was having a … Continue reading

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There is no “Touch”, only “Ubuntu”

There’s been a lot of talk about Ubuntu’s phone and tablet development over the last year, and it’s great that it’s getting so much attention, but people have been getting the name of it all wrong. Now, to be fair, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu API Website Teardown

For much of the past year I’ve been working on the Ubuntu API Website, a Django project for hosting all of the API documentation for the Ubuntu SDK, covering a variety of languages, toolkits and libraries.  It’s been a lot … Continue reading

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10 minute Doctor Who app

It may surprise some of you (not really) to learn that in addition to being a software geek, I’m also a sci-fi nerd. One of my current guilty pleasures is the British Sci-Fi hit Doctor Who. I’m not alone in … Continue reading

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Winning the 1%

Yesterday, in a conference call with the press followed immediately by a public Town Hall with the community, Canonical announced the first two hardware manufacturers who are going to ship Ubuntu on smartphones! Now many have speculated on why we … Continue reading

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My first Debian package uploaded

Today I reached another milestone in my open source journey: I got my first package uploaded into Debian’s archives.  I’ve managed to get packages uploaded into Ubuntu before, and I’ve attempted to get one into Debian, but this is the … Continue reading

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A new 80/20 rule for open source

I didn’t have a post for yesterday, which means I haven’t managed to follow even the lenient rules I had set out for myself at the beginning.  I could claim that, since yesterday was a holiday in the USA it … Continue reading

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Everything is Awesome

Since the kids were at my parent’s house for a sleepover, my wife and I got to go out and have a date night.  We saw the Lego Movie.  Without the kids (both of whom love Lego).  I don’t even … Continue reading

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