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Dogfooding Unity 8

During the Ubuntu Online Summit last week, my colleague Daniel Holbach came up with what he called a “10 day challenge” to some of the engineering manager directing the convergence work in Ubuntu. The idea is simple, try and use … Continue reading

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My Scopes Showdown Wishlist

A couple of weeks ago we announced the start of a contest to write new Unity Scopes. These are the Dash plugins that let you search for different kinds of content from different sources. Last week Alan Pope posted his … Continue reading

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Unity 8 Desktop

This is a guest post from Will Cooke, the new Desktop Team manager at Canonical. It’s being posted here while we work to get a blog setup on unity.ubuntu.com, which is where you can find out more about Unity 8 … Continue reading

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Web apps vs. Native apps in Ubuntu

A couple of days ago internet luminaries Stuart Langridge and Bryan Lunduke had a long twitter conversation about webapps and modern desktops, specifically around whether or not web apps were better than, worse than, or equal to native apps.  It was … Continue reading

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There is no “Touch”, only “Ubuntu”

There’s been a lot of talk about Ubuntu’s phone and tablet development over the last year, and it’s great that it’s getting so much attention, but people have been getting the name of it all wrong. Now, to be fair, … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Unity 7

I’m happy to announce that today I filed for a Feature Freeze Exception to get the latest Unity stack into Ubuntu Raring.  It’s a lot of new code, but it should all be available in a PPA in the next … Continue reading

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Quickly: Reborn

UPDATE: A command porting walk-through has beed added to the documentation. Back around UDS time, I began work on a reboot of Quickly, Ubuntu’s application development tool.  After two months and just short of 4000 lines of code written, I’m … Continue reading

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Adding privacy setting support to your Unity Lens

During this latest round of arguing over the inclusion of Amazon search results in the Unity Dash, Alan Bell pointed out the fact that while the default scopes shipped in Ubuntu were made to check the new privacy settings, we … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Skunk Works

A few weeks ago, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth announced a new project initiative dubbed “skunk works”, that would bring talented and trusted members of the Ubuntu community into what were previously Canonical-only development teams working on some of the most … Continue reading

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Singlet 0.3 adds Unity Previews

When the Unity developers introduced Dash Previews in Unity 6, I knew it was something I wanted to add to Singlet.  I didn’t have time to get the feature added in time to get it into Quantal’s Universe archive, but … Continue reading

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