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Joining InfluxData and the future of time-series data

Joining Influx

A welcome note from InfluxData PeopleOpsAfter supporting developer relations for the Linux Foundation's LF Edge projects for the past 18 months, I've decided to get back into Community Management. So I'm excited that next year I will be joining the team at InfluxData helping them build a community around the software they are developing. Anybody who knows me knows how big I am about advocating for Open Source Software, both from an engineering and community perspective, and InfluxData has a number of solid open source products they develop, such as InfluxDB & Telegraf, each with a large user community already. I see an opportunity here to build and grow that community into a driving force behind these products, working together with InfluxData to enhance them to meet the next generation of engineering needs coming with the Internet of Things and Edge computing.