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Turn your RaspberryPi into an Smart IoT Device, no coding required!

A lot of of us have a Raspberry Pi, many of us have more than one, and some have probably an excessive amount. And who can blame us? A micro-computer that you can plug regular USB peripherals into, has HDMI out, wireless networking (on later models), low power consumption and can run your favorite Linux distro, all for just $35? Frankly it’s amazing we don’t all have more than we do. But what are we doing with them?

In recent purely non-scientific Twitter poll I asked my followers just that: What are you using your RaspberryPi for? Not surprisingly some people are running a Linux desktop on them, and several are running fun or useful software on them like PiHole, RetroPi, or even just as a mini file server. But only about 20% of the people who responded were making use of one fantastic thing about the Pi: It’s GPIO pins. In fact, most people (35%) said their Pi was just sitting on a shelf not doing anything!

Well my friends, nothing makes this foodie nerd sadder than a wasted Pi. So blow the dust off  that little board of yours and grab some LEDs or whatever sensors you might have, because in 10 minutes we’re going to turn that shelf decoration of yours into a functional smart IoT device!

Joining the Linux Foundation

This week I began a new chapter in my career by joinging the Linux Foundation as a developer advocate and community manager for the EdgeX Foundry, an open platform for IoT edge computing.